Face shield with Glasses Frame

Face Shield Pro – Face Shield with Glasses Frame

Re-usable full face shield with glasses – Can be cleaned with soap and water or alcohol. No absorbent parts.

If you are looking for a shield to prevent direct splashes of liquids etc from hitting your face then look no further. Our Face Shields are lightweight and comfortable, and don’t use foam headbands which cause moisture buildup and can be a breeding ground for a virus or bacteria.

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    Face Shield Pro


 fACE SHIELD PRO – Face Shield with Glasses

If you are looking for a cost effective way to protect yourself …. Our face shield with glasses frame may be the solution.



While appropriate masks are recommended to prevent inhalation of hazards, they do not protect the rest of the face, eyes etc. Face shield Pro protects the whole face from direct splashes.



Face Shield Pro’s unique design is ultra light and stable. The patented frame is similar to wearing a pair of glasses. They’re so comfortable, you’ll forget your wearing one.



No Foam or other absorbent parts. The whole shield and frame can be washed with soap and water or rubbed down with alcohol.



Face Shield Pro does not contact the top of your head allowing airflow which avoids fogging up from perspiration. Can be worn with a mask and sugical caps.

FaceShield Pro UK